Diyar Media
Fixer, translator services in Gaziantep, Sanliurfa, Diyarbakir, Hatay-Antakya, Kilis and
other cities around Turkey Syrian border
Some of the work I have done in southeastern Turkey and at Turkey Syrian border area.
At Kobani border, September 2014
At Kobani border, October 2014
At Kobani border, October 2014
Working for Fox News at Kobani
border, October 2014
Working for Al Jazeera Balkan in Iraqi refugees camp in Diyarbakir, Demecmber 2014
Working for Swedish tv in Diyarbakir, September 2010
Working for BBC Scotland in Diyarbakir, October 2009
Working for fox news in Gaziantep,
Februay 2013
Working for Fox News in Kilis refugee
camp, Februay 2013
Working for Japanese TBS tv in Kilis
refugee camp, May 2013
In Azzaz, Syria, August 2012
Working for Swedish TV (SVT) in Hatay, Yayladagi, September 2011
Working for VOA in Hatay, June 2011
Working for Japanese TBS TV in Akcakale and Sanliurfa, January-February 2015
Working for VOA in Hatay, Reyhanli
December 2011
Working for American PBS TV in Hatay,
Yayladagi, November 2012
Working for Indonesian TV 1,
Yayladagi, Hatay, March 2012
Working in Tuncelli for Swedish TV (SVT) July, 2011
Working for Bloomberg TV in
Silopi at Habur Turkey-Iraq border
crossin. November 2007
Working for Candian Global National
news Between Mosul and Erbil, June
Working for VOA in Erbil, Duhok, Domiz, Lalesh in October-November 2012
Kirkuk stadium, where refugee live
March 2009
Moqoble camp where Syrian
refugees stayed, July 2008
Working in Sanliurfa, Ceylanpinar for VOA with Mr. Henry Ridgwell, August 2012
Working for ITN in Kahramanmaras, Diyarbakir and Malatya, October 2009
Gulliver media, April 2009
I am a freelance journalist and have been working as a fixer for foreigner
media in Turkey since 1999. I can work as a fixer, researcher, coordinator,
location manager and translator. I also can do any kind of pre production
work need to be done before your filming. I am based in Istanbul but can
work anywhere in Turkey. I speak Kurdish, English, Turkish, German,
Persian and some Arabic. I also can arrange camera crew, equipment and
transportation and can help you to get filming permission. If you are
planning to film a documentary film or a news report in Turkey and would
like to know more about filming in Turkey, please don't hesitate to contact
me. I will be happy to give you any kind of info and working with you in

I have been working very often at Turkey-Syrian border since June 2011. I also lived
in the area for two years. If you are planning to go and work at Turkey Syrian border
area and think that you may need help of someone in that area, please don't hesitate
to contact me.

Memet Aksakal
Mobile Phone: +90 533 334 77 96